Monday, January 31, 2011



I'm just re-posting a few things that are getting lost in the past and undermining the artistic arc of my portfolio.

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A Man and His Dog

I like this particular image because it reminds me of old style chalkboard animation by pioneers like Emil Cohl.

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Did this yesterday. May still add some patterns to the fish bodies to make it less like animation and more like illustration. Or just more interesting all around. This is the place where Doctor Suess and I meet head on. But it may still seem that George Grosz is winning the battle for the control of my disposition.

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I have been working on an idea like this for more than a year. Last weekend I made a card for my neice (Zoe) and then revised it, darkened it. Still working on a stronger composition, as you can see by the thumbnails.

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I am posting this because it reminds me of George Grosz. He is one of my favorite artists of all time. This was a pitch for a Honda job that never happened. A lot of things never happen. That's why these guys are so angry.

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I guess I have been neglecteing this site, but it's not like anybody is looking at it much, and I have been busy with work and pitching for work. I have always hated that phrase "pitching for work". It is very sport oriented. Like baseball or lawn bowling or even worse, fucking cricket. (the assholes' version of baseball) None of which is the are some blue things. Brush and gouache and a speedy delivery. If you have something to say to me I can be reached on

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Sunday, January 30, 2011


You might begin to think I am obsesseed with red and black but I think it is just coincidence. Anyhow this was a project I made for the windows of Hibbert Ralph Animation (HRA) in London. There were fifteen A3 panels telling the story of a land/space/underwater pursuit which culminates in a party.

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