Friday, July 20, 2007


Trying to move away from such a heavy use of line. Here are two examples of what I have been thinking about. There is no doubt that less is more. There is more room to shape an idea because it is less labour intensive and consequently much more fun. The guy in the hat is some sort of little Napoleon. Looks like he's either just come back from sea or he just can't remember where he parked his boat. The cowboy speaks for himself. He doesn't agree with cacti.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Also, I found this yesterday. I did it a while ago but the digital version I had was pretty fucked up. I boosted the color balance so much it looked like goat's head soup. I actually prefer this more retro feel, kinda storybook gone wrong. Tangled

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Yes, thanks to vegans, vegetarians and animal rights activists rodents are ruling the streets at night. They have ruined my garden, raided my trash and I swear they have their eyes on my i-pod.

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Been A Long While

Yes it has been some time since I bothered with this thing. Time that's been slow and time that's been fast but let's not get into that drivel. These are three pictures I did recently. Feeling a great deal of disatisfaction with my cumbersome style. About to let the weight drop.

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