Saturday, August 12, 2006


Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on this stuff. Taking artwork from an old film idea, adding more detail and changing the style of render. Initially, for the film I was making, it was just going to be black and white line. I tried a number of approaches and settled on this. What I consider to be fable like panoramics.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

These ambulance ones are going in an interesting direction. I love the theme here... a faint whiff of misanthropic glee, a dark underbelly to contrast against the sunny warmth of the hues you worked in. I can't believe the ambulance doesn't collapse onto those razor-thin wheels, but that's part of the magic, I guess. And say, those trees are really pretty juicy... man are you ever referencing a ton of great art in this stuff... you're rifling through the entire pantheon of Western civilization, at least the last century or so. Mixing up your isms too, just to keep things fresh. I wonder what words you would use if you ever had to pen a manifesto (you know, the kind of stirring thing for all good and sensible Gravestockists to follow).

take care, Zulu

3:32 PM  

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