Thursday, August 24, 2006


These are some charcoal sketches I did last night. Charcoal is pretty different from drawing on a tablet. There's texture, resistance and vibration with conte and charcoal and pencil on paper, These drawings here are pretty retro but I think something is coming to life.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As William Shatner might not say, " I can get behind that!"

These are an exciting departure, line-wise. They feel looser, freer. You're not falling back on the familiar conceits so the tightrope you're walking is nicely adrenalated. Kind of 50s in a tawdry, dime-store paperback way. I'd love to see some lazy, out-of-register smears of colour blocked in there somewheres, lying about like rag-doll victims of an axe-murderer.

Something Waitsian about them too, Tom... (couldn't resist that line)... down and out losers plying their wares on the lonesome, indifferent city streets. Good work.

Take care, Zulu.

8:30 PM  

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