Sunday, April 16, 2006


I did this some time ago. It's part of the Later Toots thing listed in the archives here... I guess it could be considered an outtake from the series I did. The style is some sort of homage to some really incredible domestic pieces that Sigmar Polke did.

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Blogger Paul said...

Hei Tom,

excellent drawings you are producing here! ...also it is good that you open the comments section as them you get crazies like me sending in my pencil worth!

I think you should continue this blog, no matter what - I draw alot (but not so good to make money :) and i think it vey refrshing to find an honest and high quality illustrators website. most others are just adverts and commercial boredom.

i really like your top-left "im a crime fighter" by the way :)

1:14 PM  

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